Make the quality connection with our QUAL-PEX PLUS+ ‘EASY-CRIMP’ SYSTEM. The Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ system is a new unique system designed specifically for the Irish market. Unlike other crimp systems the Qual- Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ system is supplied in Irish sizes of ½”, ¾” & 1” for use with Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe.

The Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ system requires no expensive tooling, no reaming of the joint prior to fitting; no pipe inserts, and gives an incredibly secure joint. The system is designed for optimal installation speed, ease of use, joint security, and competitiveness. Because it is Irish sized the system is ideal for use in retrofit applications or other applications as it is fully compatible with existing Irish size pipe and fittings systems. For new builds this system is unbeatable for installation speed.

Our extensive range of quality ‘Easy-Crimp’ fittings have complete compatibility with our Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe. The air force grade annealed aluminium protective metal sleeve is precisely attached to each fitting during production and is designed to provide a unique metal reinforced leak free joint. The polymer fittings are made from a high performance thermoplastic and can withstand high temperatures as well as being corrosion resistant.

The secure water tight seal is made when the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe is compressed onto the body of the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ fitting. The “air force grade” aluminium holds that seal permanently. This seal eliminates any contact between water and metal which has been the focus or major problems in the past. (brass bodied fittings degrading due to corrosive water) The Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe and the Qual- Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ fittings are completely corrosion resistant. 

Pipelife’s guarantee on the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ System against manufacturing defects is a minimum of 50 years. The guarantee remains valid, provided that the pipe and fittings are installed as per the company’s recommended installation guidelines and that the products installed were not damaged before, during or after installation.

Our Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ fittings are the professional’s choice due to the right materials used for the job, the rings don’t fall off, no O-rings, pipe inserts or pipe deburring required, no slide, just crimp and move on. Once you push our pipe in you can rest for sure knowing it’s docked and locked – then crimp.

Product name:

Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’

Product description:

Range of sizes – imperial ½”, ¾” & 1” range of Crimp Fittings – elbows, tees, stop ends, connectors, reducers, tap connectors, BSP male couplings, male adapters & crimping tools

Field of application

Suitable for central heating, underfloor heating and hot and cold water system applications

Operating service conditions:

  • 12 bar @ 20C
  • 4 bar @ 82C

Material specifications:

Number Description Material Colour
1 Fitting Body Nylon 12 Tan
2 Outer protective metal sleeve High grade annealed Aluminum Silver

Installation guidelines:

As detailed in the Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ manual @

Testing and approvals

Meets relevant national and international requirements having been extensively tested for long term durability, pressure resistance, thermo-stability and leak-tightness. Successfully subjected to, as laid out in BS 7291 and ISO 21003, long term hydrostatic pressure resistance, thermal cycling of assembled joints, resistance to pull-out of assembled joints and resistance to cyclic pressure shock of assembled joints.


Manufactured under an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System IAB (Irish Agrement Board) approval – pending, certificate no. 06/0067

Key benefits of the crimp fitting

Maintenance-free plumbing fittings with no joint preparation required, once jointed forms a unique permanent leak free joint. Faster, easier and more economical (labour saving of 20%) than other available conventional systems. Light weight, one-piece design (no O rings or inserts) and easy to use compared with bulky brass fittings. Strong gripping strength with a post-clamp flare providing a visual indication of joint completion. Corrosion resistant, no scale build-up. Easier to install, no time-wasting with bulky tools, sliding sleeves or brazing.


Qual-Pex Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 50 years.

The guarantee remains valid provided that the pipe and fittings are installed as per our recommended installation guidelines outlined above and that the products installed were not damaged before, during or after installation.

Guarantee only applies when Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ and Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe is used.

N.B. Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ fittings are designed exclusively for use with Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ pipe, Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ Insulated Pipe and Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Lay’ Pipe-in-Pipe.

The maximum operating temperature for the Qual-PEX Plus+ ‘Easy-Crimp’ System is 82°C. Please ensure that the system is suitably calibrated not to exceed these conditions