Our Heating Sources

The ideal stage to consider your Home Heating requirements is during the design process and is one of the most critical items that you will put into your house. Most of the system will be buried in your floor foundations for the lifetime of your property. So it is critical that the components used are top quality and fully backed by reputable manufacturers.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating works in a very similar way to central heating radiator systems in that water is heated up by oil or gas fired boilers and that hot water is supplied to the rooms in your home. The hot water running through these pipes heat up the concrete floor and the floor itself becomes a big ‘radiator’ and heats your rooms.

Heat Pumps

An Air to Water heat pump is the most modern and efficient way of generating this low temperature supply of water.  A heat pump is the most efficient way of heating your home and your domestic hot water requirements for Irish climate conditions.  Air to Water heat pumps also dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprints.

Eco Heating Pipes

Pipelife is also the only provider of underfloor heating in Ireland who manufactures its own pipe in Ireland, in contrast with others who import pipe from multiple sources in many countries as far afield as China. Pipelife’s Guaranteed Irish “Qual-PEX” pipe is Irelands leading heating pipe and has been manufactured by Pipelife in Cork for the last 30 years, with over 1bn metres of Qual-PEX sold in that period.

Smart Control Systems

Choosing the correct thermostat is crucial to ensuring that the heating system works effectively, efficiently and easily. To provide an optimum heating experience, Pipelife offers a wide range of heating controllers from simple manual thermostats to the latest, remotely accessible Smart thermostats.

Low Temperature Radiators

Designed for low water temperature operation – our new Low Temperature radiators are ideal for use with heat pump technology and can be used alongside underfloor heating in a split system.