Aluminium Barrier pipes from Pipelife are filling the gap between steel and plastic pipes, setting new standards for the distribution of hygienic hot and cold water.

The embedded aluminium layer within our pipes helps to make them incredibly resilient against temperature changes, pressure stroke loading, torsion and tension. This results in a long service life of not just our pipes, but the whole housing applications as well.

Pipelife Aluminium Barrier Pipe is a universal pipe system applicable in all water pressure pipe systems domestic hot and cold water radiator heating

Advantages of the Pipelife Aluminium Barrier Pipe system:

  • One system for hot and cold water and heating.

  • Quick and economic installation.

  • Permanently leak-proof connection.

  • Flexible, but form stable pipe system.

  • Simple control of connection through inspection windows.

  • Corrosion resistant and free of incrustation.

  • 100% free of oxygen diffusion.

  • Excellent chemical resistance.

  • Low longitudinal thermal expansion.

  • Professional installation tools.

  • Wide fitting assortment.

  • Applicable both for renovation of old systems and installation of new system.

  • International experience for many years.

The quality of the Pipelife Aluminium Barrier Pipe System is warranted by the following:

  • Experienced employees.

  • Modern production equipment.

  • Strict process and final product quality control.

The Aluminium Barrier Pipe system consists of PEX/AL/PEX or PERT/AL/PERT multilayer pipes, fittings made of brass (free of zinc precipitation) PPSU (polyphenylsulphone) and a wide range of accessories.

Aluminium Barrier Pipe 

The different pipe types enable the selection of a system most suitable for the application. The structure of the Aluminium five layer metal (M type) pipe consists of:

  • PE-X or PERT inner layer.

  • Adhesive layer.

  • Aluminium pipe produced by longitudinal edge welding.

  • Adhesive layer.

  • PE-X or PERT outer layer.