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Pipelife is Ireland’s leading manufacturer and provider of plastic piping systems. Specialising in the extrusion of polyethylene (PE) pipes, Pipelife offers industry leading products for the heating & plumbing, water pressure, electricity, cable ducting, gas and agricultural sectors.

Drawing on 50 years of manufacturing experience from our production plant in Cork, Pipelife has been to the forefront in developing innovative products, and has been an industry leader for many years. Quality and innovation continue to be the terms that define our philosophy and this is reflected in the range of products and systems that we manufacture to this day.

As well as being a leading edge manufacturer (ISO 9001 2015) of pipe for the Plumbing and Heating Industry, Pipelife has developed a true expertise in the design of heating systems to maximize the potential of Qual-PEX pipe.

Many systems are straight-forward and are simply adapted from traditional metal pipe plumbing systems, but new methods of heating buildings are now being opened up with the use of thermoplastic pipe in applications such as wall heating, ceiling heating and most especially Underfloor Heating.

The experience and expertise of our Renewables Department coupled with the security of our design indemnity insurance, top quality materials, and comprehensive before and after sales technical support ensures that we continue to offer an industry leading service in this growing segment of the residential and commercial market. Selling exclusively through merchants our service is tailored to making the supply of renewable products & services easy, professional and painless.

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