Design: it is absolutely vital to have your Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system installed properly. This begins with a good design. Pipelife is very experienced in system design and provides professional guidance on ducting routes across a wide variety of residential properties.

Installation: HRV systems are generally installed in two stages – 1st and 2nd fix. At 1st fix stage the majority of the ducting is installed, as per the system design, and any wiring requirements are provided for, including the tracking of remote sensors such as humidistats. At 2nd fix stage the system is installed, all ducting and wiring is connected, ceiling valves are fixed to the ducting point in each room, and the condensation drain from the system is installed. Finally the system is commissioned as per the appropriate Building Regulations.

Performance: the size and location of the HRV unit is extremely important. The unit must be fit for purpose, taking into consideration the size of the property and associated airflow rates.

Commissioning: We issue commissioning certificates detailing the measured installed airflow performance of each system against design requirements. Finally, each unit’s operational and maintenance requirements are clearly defined and demonstrated to ensure competent user operation and optimum system performance.