Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) works by recovering heat from extract air that would normally be expelled to the atmosphere and transfers this heat to fresh air being drawn into the property via a heat exchanger. The Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system then distributes this throughout your property via a network of ducting.

The ducting is brought to each habitable room and each wet room within your property. Each wet room is fitted with an extract valve and each habitable room with a supply valve.

The HRV system continually extracts from the wet rooms, boosting if necessary, removing the pollutant air quickly and effectively at its source. This air then passes up through the network of ducting and travels through a heat exchanger where its heat passes to the fresh filtered air which is being brought into the property at the same time.

The HRV system runs on trickle speed continuously and is boosted when an increased rate of ventilation is needed, for example bathing or cooking.

When the weather is warmer a summer by-pass function helps to ensure comfort levels in the home. When this function is activated the property continues to be ventilated with fresh filtered air but the heat recovery process is switched off intermittently and therefore ‘by-passed’.